Urvashi Rautela vs Sana Khan: an epic dance battle scorches the dance floor as these divas take up the Macarena challenge.

Urvashi Raurtela (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

Though there has been a considerable buzz around TikTok and the ban on it, many celebs are still making some fun videos on TikTok to keep their fans entertained. Not just that but a lot of celebs are also upping the game by indulging in challenges. Among the latest ones to do the Internet, rounds happen to be the former Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan and Bollywood star Urvashi Rautela, who has taken up the Macarena challenge to new heights. 

TikTok face-offs are hard to choose from so who did it best yet remains to be a matter of subjectivity. So in the end the decision remains to be that what the viewer decides. Hate Story actress Urvashi is seen flaunting her dance skills while the Macarena playing in the background. The diva was seen swirling magnificently and moved her hips with utmost precision. Donning a blue jumpsuit, Urvashi looked good and her moves added all the charm. 

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