Urvashi Raurtela speaks about home workouts, says, “workout routine is not as easy.”

Urvashi Raurtela (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

Actress and former beauty queen Urvashi Raurtela says one must never neglect fitness and health while the whole lockdown is being implemented. She says that working towards an effective workout routine starts with “small commitment.”

It is quite easy for people to fall out of the general habit of working out at the gym as the lockdown mandates gyms to be shut. This puts people off their workout regime and that could be a downhill affair from thereon.

To this, Urvashi Raurtela says, “Build this commitment into your morning and evening routines right before something you would never start your morning or go to sleep without doing.”

Urvashi Raurtela is not one to just preach. Recently, she led by example when she showed off her fit physique in an Instagram post. She shared a clip on her account in which she is seen flaunting a blue bikini stepping out of a swimming pool.

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