These ageless beauties of Bollywood prove that age is just a number!

It’s like a dogma of the film industry that as soon as new faces come in, the glow of the old stars fade away. Bollywood, which has an existence of more than a century, has seen numerous contrasting decades. Every decade came with a unique trend and transformed the film world. The trends gradually changed from a typical script of films to actors, sets, action, music, costumes and even the audience. With the changing times, the stories of the films and the state of the industry also changed. Only a few actors keep up with these changing trends as most of them vanish as the industry transitions. Some actresses, now in their fifties, retained their aura of stardom by maintaining their unique personality and celebrity vibes they’ve been known for! Let’s take a look at such veteran actresses.

1. Rekha

Rekha (Source: Instagram)

The proverb – ‘old is gold is very much synonymous with the ageless beauty of the Hindi film industry, Bhanurekha Ganesan aka Rekha. Bollywood veteran Rekha is 66 years old. Her first film was ‘Anjana Safar’, which was shot in 1969. But for some reason, the film was released after 10 years under the name ‘Do Shikaari’. In this film, 15-year-old Rekha’s intimate kissing scene made her famous overnight. Since then, Rekha gathered a lot of fans and there are millions of followers of the actress to this day. Today, Rekha is an iconic actress and is highly respected within the industry.

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