Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood makes a special appeal to citizens amid worsening situation due to pandemic

The ascending COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the country’s situation to such an extent that even serious patients are unable to get proper treatment in some states. In such a predicament, Sonu Sood has been continuously helping people despite testing positive for the virus. Recently, the actor made a special appeal to the citizens via Twitter.

Sonu Sood tweeted, ‘TV, Remote Chhodiye, Desh Ko Jodiye. Dusro Ki Jaan Bachayenge Tabhi To Jee Payenge’. The actor implied that amid the lockdown-like situations, people who are actively posting negatively about the worsening situation within the country should try and help the needy ones.

Recently, Sonu Sood informed about contracting the virus via Twitter. He wrote that he has quarantined himself after testing positive for COVID-19 and said he’s always with the people. Further, he wrote that he’s taking care of himself and there’s no need to worry as quarantine has provided him ample time to support citizens.

After being infected with the deadly virus, Sonu Sood is continuously working for people from home. He’s trying to help people who are in difficult situations due to the pandemic. Recently, someone asked him for help to get a bed in the hospital. After that, the actor replied, ‘You will get a bed in the ICU within 15 minutes. Be ready.’

The actor has also provided 10 oxygen cylinders and Remdesivir injections to a hospital in Indore. Earlier, he also raised his voice in support of postponing children’s board examinations. Everyone knows his heroic act during the initial lockdown in which Sonu Sood helped many migrant labourers to reach their destination.

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